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Dr. Michele Broadhurst (DC)

Dr. Broadhurst has dedicated her life to finding better and more efficient ways of helping her patients to recover from pain and injury, using chiropractic expertise to effectively treat most musculoskeletal problems that are plaguing your furry friends.

Dr Michele Broadhurst (DC)

Dr Michele Broadhurst DC; ICCSP, IVCA, FIAMA; CCRP; Mtech Chiro (RSA): Dr Broadhurst graduated from Chiropractic College (DIT) at the end of 2003. She learned about myofascial dry needling in her third year at university and used it extensively in her two-year residency. After graduating from chiropractic college Dr Broadhurst then went on to study further and was awarded her diploma as an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician from the International Federation of Chiropractic Sports.

Dr Broadhurst joined Dr Angus and his West Coast Chiropractic team in 2005. Dr Broadhurst branched out in 2006 and went over to the USA to Options for Animals and certified with them and the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association as an Animal Chiropractor. The practice continued to flourish and grow with many families, ranging from babies to those nearing a century, athletes, chronic pain sufferers, dogs and cats visited the practice expectant of pain relief.  They were very blessed to offer this to their patients by using a combination of dry needling, acupuncture, diversified chiropractic adjustments and other wonderful techniques that they are certified in and patients of all species flourished and got better in record time.

Dr Broadhurst built an exceptionally busy and prominent small and large animal practice, specializing in stud, racehorses and canines.

Dr Broadhurst worked for prominent stud farms such as Drakenstein Stud, Klawervlei, Maine Chance, Highlands, Lammerskraal, Sandown, Nutfield, Varsfontein stud and many others. Her resume includes working for the best South African thoroughbred racehorse trainers including the J&B Met and Queens Plate winners.  She was one of the first animal chiropractors to practice in South Africa and has mentored some of the animal chiropractors that have subsequently started practicing in SA. She has helped thousands of humans and animals with myofascial work and chiropractic.

In 2018 Drs Angus and Broadhurst moved to the USA where they currently reside. She qualified under Dr John Amaro (IAMA) as a Chiropractic acupuncturist and certified as a Canine Rehabilitative Practitioner through the University of Tennessee, she is one of only four chiropractors worldwide who hold that certification as a DC.

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We have been blessed with so many incredible teachers over the years, who have played crucial roles in adding and help cultivate the large volume of knowledge that we have today.


Dr Broadhurst is certified as a human chiropractic acupuncturist and chiropractor. She has a passion for treating myofascial pain with various modalities including needles. She is a Shape Reclaimed practitioner and helps to tailor make your diet to limit inflammation, reduce pain and other organic dysfunctions.She prides herself in being a health care professional  that is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. There is an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal adjustment and other joints and soft-tissue manipulation.


Dr. Broadhurst is a certified and experienced animal chiropractor, that has been practicing for the last 17 years. She is the author of a newly released book ” A Clinicians guide to myofascial pain in the canine patient” which is available on Amazon, and she has been treating large and small animals using her unique treatment methods. Dr Broadhurst was the preferred Chiropractor for most of the largest and most affluent thoroughbred racing yards and stud farms in South Africa for more than a decade. “A Clinicians guide to myofascial pain in the equine patient ” will be released in September.


Dr. Broadhurst is a certified and experienced animal chiropractor. She is the author of a newly released book ” A Clinicians guide to myofascial pain in the canine patient” which is available on Amazon, and she has been treating large and small animals using her unique treatment methods. The course will be available through Northeast Seminars from early 2021.

Information regarding your appointment

A thorough history is taken as well as an in-depth physical evaluation, so as to accurately assess the animals’ issues.


Please be ready 10 minutes before your first appointment as you will need to fill in relevant paperwork.

A detailed history will be taken. If you have any vet records, X-rays, bloodwork or other diagnostics, please bring them to your appointment.


Dr Broadhurst will do a full examination of your animal, including visual gait analysis, a neurological and orthopedic examination to be able to determine what is the best treatment for your animal. Please bring any visual tools that will help us achieve this, eg: video footage etc


Dr Broadhurst has a number of different treatment methods and techniques that she can use to best treat your animal. These will be thoroughly explained to you the owner at the time of treatment.


Results may differ depending on the diagnosis of your animal, the duration of the problem and a number of other factors. Dr Broadhurst will discuss the frequency and necessity of any follow ups at the time of the consultation.

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Dr. Ron Miles (DVM)
Foxcroft ME

I have had the pleasure of working with Michele on many occasions while practicing equine medicine, she is an extraordinary practitioner for many reasons, first and foremost she knows and understands equine medicine, she understands horsemanship and handling needed to do her profession and you can automatically see the horses respond to her physically and mentally, she understands equine anatomy and physiology and how all systems work together not just the areas she works on, she is excellent at lameness evaluation and I personally have seen her look at horses and when at rest or only within a few strides see where the lameness is, she puts the horse first, she is excellent at client communication and interpersonal relationship with a variety of personalities and always does best by the clients for suggesting what the horse needs, what the client can and is willing to do, and finally she is an advocate for complete integrated care for your equine and ALWAYS consults with your veterinarian for their input and anything she feels need follow up or further diagnostic from your vet, I enjoyed working with her on every occasion and would highly recommend her for you and your horse.

Michele has been 100% instrumental in the well being and comfort of our horses.  With no exaggeration, ALL the horses that Michele has performed chiropractic manipulation with, has come out their next time out with obvious improvements. 
Whether the horse is a bulky draft, sensitive Thoroughbred, or an upper level Warmblood, the results can be seen with in the next day or two. The horse comes back to work visibly better and the horses truly looks SO much better.  
Every horse Michele sees at my farm, she takes an honest evaluation, watches all horses move. Then discusses the horses work, and will explain what she is working on. Michele also gives suggestions for tack and fit. She gives excellent exercises for the rider and horse that are individual for each horse. 
I feel so thankful to have such a knowledgeable professional that has great insight for the health and comfort of our equine friends. I am happy to reiterate the many insightful and positive outcomes Michele has had on our four legged friends!

Gail McCormack

If it wasn’t for Michele my horse wouldn’t be where she is today. Dolly use to stop and lay down in the middle of the arena during our barrel and pole runs. After the first visit to Michele she quickly determined the reason behind this behavior and worked both on Dolly as well as with me by providing a list exercises to do with her at home. Dolly has become a completely different horse since visiting Michele and winning classes I never thought would be possible with her. I truly can’t thank her enough for transforming Dolly into the incredible athlete she is today!

Susannah Miller

 I highly recommend Michele. I met her on one of her early trips to Maine. She is wonderful with animals. I watched her handle them with great care, almost as if they were her own. She explains what she is doing so that you understand it. She doesn’t have a problem telling you, this animal is in pretty good shape, and not push you to have unnecessary things done. She is kind and compassionate, the best of the best.

Bonny Bailey Waters

Michele is amazing with the horses, has a very good eye seeing what is wrong and fixing the problem, the horses always used to just relax when they saw her and loved their treatments

Kaylie Hodgson

Michele and I met a couple years ago. My chocolate lab Emmitt had been his by a car and in severe pain. My Veterinarian Laura Tardiff recommended having Michele have a look at him. I have been seeing her on a regular basis since. He is pain free, he can run, roll over and snow bath, something he enjoys alot. Emmitt loves it when we go to have an adjustment and see Michele, he loves her and her liver treats she spoils him with. I dont know what would happened to him if we hadn’t met her. She is Amazing!

Lori Jandreau

I cant say enough about Michele and her amazing skills as an equine chiropractor. My mare catty went from dead lame and unridable to show ring ready after a just a few sessions and guidance from Michele, she is incredibly patient and knowledgeable even with the cattiest of mares

Melissa L.

I have known Dr Michele Broadhurst for over 4 years now and I have not only come to love her work, work ethic and honesty but also her love for people. Dr Broadhurst’s impeccable abilities were made known to me through veterinary colleagues whose patients had been attended to. I have had the privilege to sit in some of her consultations in our veterinary practice in Cape Town, and the results of her work were not only visibly evident on the patients but the testimonials from the clients matched the outcome. I would recommend Michelle’s services to any of my patients at anytime and I sincerely believe that whoever gets the opportunity to work with her, will not regret the experience.

Dr. Blessing Chiriseri (DVM)

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Lori J.

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Dr Broadhurst is currently treating in the Broomfield CO area, equine consultations are mobile, for cost and availability please contact her via cell phone or email.


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