Which dogs benefit from Chiropractic care?

July 11, 2020 0

Senior dogs

Older dogs respond incredibly well to chiropractic care. By improving joint motion and alignment, we can assist with easing discomfort, pain and stiffness from arthritis, as well as, improve overall mobility and quality of life.

Weekend Warriors:

Are weekends a time for you to go on hikes, runs and fun physically taxing adventures with your dog? If so, they may need a work up before these big events. By addressing issues beforehand, we can reduce the risk of injury and pain.

Agility Dogs:

Proper range of motion is key to peak performance. We check not only the spine but all the joints in your dog’s four limbs. By making sure every joint is moving properly, we help your dog reach their highest potential by ensuring quality movement patterns.

Service Dogs:

These dogs are remarkable and work so hard at their job assisting their humans. Due to the fact that they have an important job they need to be in the best physical condition possible. We address tight and sore muscles, restricted joints and overall alignment to make sure these incredible dogs are as happy and healthy as possible.

Mothers and Puppies:

It’s not an easy feat to deliver a litter of puppies and these mother’s backs and pelvis go through a lot during the process. A thorough evaluation of the lumbar spine, pelvis and SI joints is performed to address any issues. We also give the puppies a chiropractic screen to make sure they are in ideal alignment and that no issues have presented themselves during the birthing process.

Post-Surgery Patients:

Positioning during surgery can be very tough on your dog’s back and neck. Although veterinarians do their best to keep your dog comfortable, sometimes these issues cannot be avoided. After a go ahead from your vet, it is a good idea to get them evaluated and adjusted. This will decrease their healing and recovery time by ensuring a fully operating nervous system and a healthier musculoskeletal system.


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